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Total Solar Eclipse
A Stellar Friendship Story

Written by Jayme Sandberg

Illustrated by Kathleen Gadeken

A new children's picture book to learn about and commemorate the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse

"If you’re worried about your kids keeping their eclipse glasses on, this cute, relatable book is for you. Plus, the story has additional themes of friendship and jealousy, so it also fits in well with your social-emotional lessons."       

Heather, Books And Giggles

Sun is seriously out of sorts about the  total solar eclipse

Will Earthlings go blind watching it? What will they think when Sun's dependable light suddenly vanishes in the daytime? How could Moon betray their stellar friendship?


When totality finally arrives and Moon completely hides Sun from millions of Earthlings in its shadow, no one is more surprised than Sun: Moon helped it shine in a totally different way.


Bonus material in the 32-page, 8.5"x 8.5" children’s picture book include a glossary, a special note to Earthlings about solar viewing safety, and an eclipse memory page.


In addition to better understanding solar eclipses, the fiction story for kids age 4 and up offers relatable social emotional lessons in communication, teamwork, and self awareness.

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