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"The book beautifully weaves together the wonder and mystery of a solar eclipse and the power of friendship."

Rich Q.

"An educational and fun book to read as a whole family."

Megan McNeil Helberg, 2020 Nebraska Teacher of the Year

"I especially like the memory page and glossary (even the adults can learn from this book)! I highly recommend!"

Amy P.

"This book is an educator’s dream. It is full of vocabulary words and definitions that can lead to in-depth classroom discussions and projects."

John Janezik, elementary school librarian

"I wish my grandchildren would have had this book when the last eclipse passed over. They will certainly have it for the upcoming eclipse!"

Marsha Diane Arnold, multi-award-winning picture book author

"The author does an excellent job combining total solar eclipse information and safety with the social connections and struggles we all encounter when we strive to work together."

Jodi Benson, former elementary school principal

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