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Eclipse BINGO for everyone

Updated: Apr 1

Eclipse Bingo with Sun wearing glasses

You are invited to join us in a virtual game of eclipse BINGO!

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose a BINGO board below.

  2. Save the BINGO card you want to your phone's photo album (press down on the photo and select "save to photos").

  3. Use the photo mark-up tool to cross out your squares.

  4. When you get any BINGO (row across, column down, diagonal or blackout) on any card, tell us in the comments and/or share on Instagram or Facebook with #EclipseBookBingo.

  5. Enter the Rafflecopter to officially get in the running for the prizes including an author-signed copy of Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story! (Amazon affiliate link)

Just like eclipses, this BINGO game is for everyone. We hope you find a board below that's your speed. Feel free to play more than once.

Happy eclipse chasing!

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