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Thank you for the air time!


I had a fantastic time visiting with radio and podcast programs across the country last week in a radio media tour coordinated by the amazing team at Bridgenext!

During the interviews we talked about what inspired me to write the book, the fantastic illustrations by Kathleen Gadeken, that there's no such thing as "close enough to totality," and how preparing in advance is key to enjoy a total solar eclipse with kids. We also discussed how the book's themes around clear communication and teamwork are universal for all ages and stages of life.

The stations helped me give out books to listeners and their local libraries. After receiving hers, one winner went out of her way to find me and share this message:

"My almost 4 year old granddaughter loves this book so much she feel (sic) asleep with it. Thank you for visiting KXYL in Brownwood TX and leaving the books."

The older I get—and the more I share this book—the more apparent it is that wealth is measured in many ways. For me, it's impossible to put a price on the feeling you get by lighting up a life, even for a short time. Reading her note makes me feel pretty darn rich.

I'm looking forward to creating more priceless memories for you and for me as we approach the North American total solar eclipse on April 8.

We still have a few books to give away to elementary schools in the path of totality so don't forget to nominate one before they run out.

If you missed this media tour and would like to have me on your radio show, podcast or TV program, send me a note.

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