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Eclipse watching tips

Most people will get to see a total solar eclipse at most once, maybe twice, in their lifetime. Here are some pro tips to make sure you enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Kids wearing eclipse glasses watching an eclipse


Eclipse Tips: Photography

Take pictures of people enjoying the eclipse and the cool shadow creations you spot or make. But when totality comes, forget about taking pictures and soak in the moment. You can easily get a professional photo of this eclipse that will be better than anything your phone can get.

Consider setting your phone or camera on a ledge or tripod and recording a video focused on your group watching totality. The video you capture will be much more interesting and meaningful than a blurry photo of the dark sky.

Remember double rainbow guy (warning, adult language in the video) You might be about to understand him better than you ever thought you would! It's hard to describe a moment of true awe inspired by nature.

motocrcyles in a parking lot during a deep partial solar eclipse
Notice how shadows and light change during the deep partial and total solar eclipses.

Eclipse Tips: Travel

Encourage your guests to stay put for a few hours after totality has passed. The roads will most likely be snarled and you won’t get anywhere fast. Sit back, relax, watch (with eclipse glasses) the Moon makes its way across the Sun.

Eclipse Tips: Prepare in Advance

Be sure to have a good discussion with kids (and anyone not familiar with the event) prior to eclipse so everyone knows what to expect. Books like Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story can help! If you're running short on time, catch a YouTube version and then order a book to support the author!

Try not to stress. All you really need to enjoy the eclipse is to know some basic safety rules, an out-of-office auto-reply, and a good chair.

boy wearing eclipse glasses sitting in camping chair

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