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Souvenir book opportunity for your solar eclipse event

Are you organizing a total solar eclipse event or offering accommodations for the celestial spectacle of a lifetime? Elevate your guests’ experience and immortalize the moment with a unique souvenir they'll treasure forever!


book cover and crowd of people
A memory page in the back of the book allows owners to capture their eclipse experience so they can remember and share it with others.

We’re offering a special wholesale discount or consignment opportunity for eclipse event organizers to feature and sell our children’s picture book, Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story, at your events.

This beautifully illustrated paperback book with its timeless story and customizable journal page, will commemorate the eclipse and provide a tangible keepsake for your attendees to cherish their priceless memories.


What Makes Our Souvenir Book Special?

The size and price are right:

For sellers, the book is

  • easy to display

  • compact to store

  • has a high profit margin

For buyers the book is

  • easy to pack

  • meaningful

  • affordable

  • sharable

  • one-size-fits-all

Unique Souvenir:

Part of the book’s charm in this moment is the memory page, so people experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime total eclipse can capture their personal experience and share it with others for decades to come.

Engaging Storytelling: 

The book takes readers on an entertaining and educational journey, weaving together a charming narrative about teamwork with vibrant illustrations that have captivated readers of all ages.

Limited Edition: 

Our limited print run for this eclipse features spot UV on the cover, making the Sun shine. This is the highest quality printing available for the title making it more durable and a collector's item.

Supplies are limited!

If you’re interested in teaming up with us to enhance your guests' experience and boost revenue, contact us today.

People wearing eclipse glasses

Let's make your total solar eclipse event unforgettable!

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