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Fundraising with the eclipse

Updated: Jan 10

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Could your team, troop, PTO, P.E.O., church or other nonprofit group use a fundraiser that's low-risk, high potential, turn-key, easy and fast? Collaborate with us by fundraising with our new children's picture book Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story this spring and that's exactly what you'll have!

Total Solar Eclipse picture book cover

The North American solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, could easily be the most witnessed astronomical event in U.S. history. Weather permitting, millions along the path of totality are in for an extra special treat—and a major infusion of tourists. This is a huge opportunity for you especially if you live near or between the red lines below!

Unique opportunity

Sales are strong for Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story. There are just a few solar eclipse picture books on the market and none like ours told from the Sun's unique point of view. Kids, parents, grandparents and teachers have fallen in love with our enduring tale, which happens to make the perfect eclipse souvenir to share or to keep!

Pull quote book review

Since first publishing it in July 2023, we’ve received requests from nationwide literacy organizations, elementary schools, universities, bookstores, science museums, observatories, and public libraries, to name a few.

Key features of the book

  • Educational Value: The twin topics of introductory STEM (solar system and solar eclipse) and social emotional learning (communication, friendship, teamwork) make the story popular across a wide range of interests and educational priorities. The story is relevant well beyond the 2024 eclipse!

  • Special Souvenir: Part of the book’s charm in this moment is the memory page, so people experiencing this once-in-a-lifetime total eclipse can capture their personal experience and share it with others for decades to come.

  • Engaging Storytelling: The book takes young readers on a delightful and educational journey, weaving together a charming narrative with vibrant illustrations that have captivated readers of all ages.

Select book pages for Total Solar Eclipse

Fundraising package options

Option 1: Purchase paperbacks at wholesale

This option offers the biggest fundraising potential. It is best for those with flexible budgets, money in the bank and a mission or plan that will allow you to continue to give away or sell the books beyond eclipse season on the off-chance you don't sell them all. Purchase minimum applies.

  • You make at least $6 on every sale (50% retail)

  • Free shipping

  • Free, virtual storytime with the author

  • Free, customizable, digital promotional toolkit

Option 2: Sell paperbacks on consignment

This option enables organizations who don’t have room in the budget or time to approve an upfront expense to participate in the fundraiser. You only pay shipping up front.

  • You make $4.79 on every sale (40% retail)

  • Free customizable, digital promotional toolkit

Graphic with fundraising options


Many communities along the path of totality are organizing pre-eclipse and eclipse viewing events around April 8, 2024. These will be the easiest place to sell books, but not the only place! Confirm your organization's eligibility and participation as soon as possible to reserve your books and lock in your discount rate!

To get additional information and sign up, email

Are you organizing an eclipse event or offering a large-scale accommodations? Check out this related post for vendors.

Moon eclipsing Sun

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