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Solar eclipse worksheets

workbook and pages

Teachers, party planners, parents and grandparents have a new tool in their eclipse chest thanks to a new companion resource for Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story.

Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Workbook is meant to be used alongside the new eclipse picture book by Jayme Sandberg. While the resource is targeted toward elementary-age students, there is an enjoyable activity for everyone within its pages.

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Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story not only shows people how to observe a total solar eclipse, it reminds us of the power of two working together as one. Similar to a total solar eclipse, the story can be enjoyed at surface level, but it can also take you into deeper, social-emotional exploration.

That's where the solar eclipse worksheets come in. Activities range from coloring sheets and pattern identification to dissecting story elements and discussion prompts.

If you'll be watching the eclipse with a crowd of strangers, you'll be in the perfect place to play "Find a Friend BINGO."

Digital Download just $3.99

The workbook, available immediately as a digital download, is useful in a classroom setting, at an eclipse watch party, or on your (potentially long) journey home. At only $3.99, it's less than that limited edition package of Space Dunk Oreos, and will last longer, too. (But, let's be clear, you should also get the Oreos.)

Solar Eclipse Worksheet Content

Workbook includes 29, black & white, 8.5"x11" worksheets.

*References Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story Content

  • Solar viewing pledge

  • Together We Shine coloring sheet*

  • Eclipse-themed fraction worksheet

  • Space word search (easy)

  • Eclipse word search (hard)

  • Maze (medium)

  • Story elements (x2)*

  • Reading response*

  • Main character worksheet*

  • Story map*

  • Main character feelings*

  • Identifying and drawing emotions*

  • Book-themed handwriting practice (x2)*

  • Space-themed trace and color (x3)

  • Shape identification

  • Pattern identification

  • Rhyme with pictures

  • Acrostic poem

  • Book-themed quiz*

  • Find a friend BINGO

  • Eclipse conversation cube

  • Story rewrite (x2)*

  • Book discussion prompts*

  • Memory page (the same one that's in the back of the picture book)

While you can do many of these activities without the companion story, it's much better enjoyed with it! Pick up multiple, discounted copies for your class, school or event today.

The more you buy, the more you save, while supplies last. Contact us for bulk purchase discounts if you don't see the right bundle for your needs in the store.

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