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Total solar eclipse picture book in stores now

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Cover of the book Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story

Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story published by It's All Stories LLC is now widely available through online retailers, including independent bookstores worldwide, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel and others.

Premium hardcovers are exclusively available from, along with book-themed merchandise including certified solar eclipse glasses.

Written by Jayme Sandberg and illustrated by Kathleen Gadeken, Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story takes readers on a journey of discovery with Sun as the narrator.

Sun, the proud but forgetful center of our solar system is anxious about the upcoming total solar eclipse. Will Earthlings get hurt looking at it? What will they think when Sun’s dependable light suddenly vanishes in the middle of the day? How could Moon betray their stellar friendship?

"I had the idea for the story when I saw my first total solar eclipse in 2017," Sandberg said. "I thought if Sun were a person, what emotions it might feel as its friend slowly extinguished its light."

In Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story, Sun tries to calm its nerves with the help of Comet Delivery and sends letters to Earth and Moon. It doesn't help much because Sun isn't ready to listen to the messages it gets in return. Naturally, Sun is panicked when totality finally arrives and Moon completely hides Sun's disk from millions of Earthlings in its shadow below.

"I thought about the moment of totality and how Sun's emotions would evolve when it realized Moon wasn't hiding Sun after all" Sandberg said. "Totality is the only time we can see Sun's amazing atmosphere, the solar corona, which is a different kind of light and an incredible sight. We wouldn't be able to see it without help from Moon."

As the book concludes, no one is more surprised--or grateful--than Sun to find that Moon helped it shine in a totally different way.

Bonus materials in the book include a special message to Earthlings about solar viewing safety: Protect your eyes when you look to the skies! Also included are a glossary of solar eclipse and astronomy terms, and a memory page where readers can capture their special experience right in the book to reminisce for years to come.

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