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Solar eclipse book crushes crowdfunding goal

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Kickstarter's Project We Love badge

The crowdfunding campaign to help bring the children’s picture book Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story to life met its funding target on day one, was named a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter on day two, and ended the four-week campaign at more than double its initial goal.

Lincoln, Neb., April 21, 2023 -- In total, 72 backers pledged $5,171 to help fund the first print run for the children's picture book Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story. Creators placed the initial funding goal at $2,024.

"It was fun to soft launch our new book this way and drum up some excitement for the new title while raising necessary funds to get it off the ground," author Jayme Sandberg said. "Everything we raised from Kickstarter goes right back into the project to make the first print run the best it can be. Because it was so successful we were able to add spot UV to the cover, which will really make Sun 'shine.'"

The most popular reward level was the signed hardcover. Many backers also get additional goodies like book-themed solar eclipse viewing glasses and stickers for water bottles.

The 2024 North American total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, is expected to be the most watched event in American history. While fiction, Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story, is designed to help educators, parents and viewers ages 4 to 8 (plus) experience the event of a lifetime.

The path of totality for the 2024 total solar eclipse in the U.S. goes through a wide path where more than 30 million people live. Many millions more are a short drive away. Robust websites, such as can help you find out if you're in the path of totality for the 2024 total solar eclipse.

Experts advise everyone to plan early and prepare in advance to experience the total eclipse. While you may live in or near the path, certain places along the path are more likely to experience favorable weather, which is important to see the full effect of totality. Totality is when the Sun is 100% in the Moon's shadow.

Hotel rooms and camp sites in popular eclipse destinations like Waco, Texas, are already filling up. Additionally, things like eclipse glasses and books like Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story will be in high demand and may be harder to get closer to the event.

If you missed your chance to back the Kickstarter, you can still order the title from

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